Behind Every Wedding Dress, There is a Story

Wedding Dress Tea by Coleen Christian Burke

All photos are courtesy of Photography by Martha/Martha Dickinson.

I did the unthinkable.  I invited my friends to a party I called “The Wedding Dress Tea.”  My idea was simple — guests would wear their wedding dress and share stories of their wedding day.  Since most of us had met after our trips down the aisle, I thought it would be a fun way to share a part of our lives that certainly shaped the women we had become.


Wedding Dress Tea Coleen Christian Burke


I should have known by the amount of controversy that The Wedding Dress Tea created, that the discussion would not end with the time noted on the invitation.  Friends and strangers continue to buzz about the idea…and everyone wants to see pictures!  Thanks to my wonderful friend Martha Dickinson you can check out lots of photos both here and on Martha’s website:

I knew people would continue to love and hate the idea.  That was clear from the beginning.  What I didn’t realize was that my friends who didn’t come would experience another emotion – REGRET!  Almost like the guy who got away, some who stayed at home wish they could change their decision.  And they really, REALLY wish it.  “Why didn’t I open my box?”  “Who was I kidding, my daughter will want her own dress!” And, “if only I didn’t gain those 20 pounds….” These are phrases I’ve heard over and over.  One friend even admitted, “I just wasn’t brave enough.  I wish I was.”

On the flip side, my friends who came are REALLY, REALLY happy they did.  Their children got to experience their wedding dress.  Their husbands got to see them again dressed in white, rather than sweats.  (Guys being guys, more than one husband suggested reenacting the wedding night – sorry girls!)  And you know what, the dresses didn’t fit the same way.  Still, my gutsy friends wore them anyway, okay with who they were, and more importantly, okay with who they are now.

And in the end, it’s just a dress…right???